Comparison Essay The poems ‘Remains’ and ‘The Emigreé’ both interpret power in many different ways. In the poem ‘Remains’ the power of guilt is show to express the feelings of a man who has just killed another, whereas in the poem ‘The Emigreé’ there is a power of memory and denial shown to suggest how […]

Imagery Imagery depends on what you can see in your imagination. “All flesh is grass” This is a powerful image in how it suggests the “flesh”, meaning bodies of humans, is now one with the grass. This shows how men and women are gunned down and left to rot with no remorse or guilt. “A […]

Structure in the Remains Point 1 “On another occasion, we get sent out to tackle looters raiding a bank”                       He seems relaxed, he doesn’t seemed concerned with anything happening at the beginning of the poem. He’s telling his story. “His bloody life in my […]

This essay will be based on the perspectives of the three main protagonists : Asha, Abdul and Sunil, of Mumbai. All three of the characters live in the slum town of Annawadi which is next to Mumbai’s international airport. Each individual has their own view of Mumbai whether it being good or bad and the each […]

Dear mr fields The new is travelling around the globe and its not only good news. These horrific actions of yours onky seem like another attack by a police officer as they think they are better than everyone else. I still have some disbeliefe towards this savage example of brutality as it is a video […]

Titus Andronicus in the play Shakespeare uses a variety of language devices which all have there own meaning for revenge in the poem that symbolize how other people feel about the theory of revenge to each of the characters. He shows first how the revenge of tamora towards Titus gradually grows throughout the play for […]

  In shakespears story Titus andronicus he uses a large amounts of figurative language to compare something to something it will never be or will never happen. An example of one of shakespears figurative language device ” if I do wake, some planet strike me down”, this this quote shows that titus would rather be killed […]